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Saturday, May 28, 2016


I am not sure if I am following this pattern, they pop up at flea markets, flyer says entry fee for cars and free for spectators and we were nailed for $5 each to walk in? 
 This was just one of the Pace Cars and with the Indy 500 tomorrow very timely!
 Lunch was served!

 MINI HIM air cleaner! 
 Lucky we were there, we caught this kid trying to take the headlamps! 
Did I mention I really don't like these gimmicks, maybe back in 2000 it was cute!

 Lincoln Zephyr V12 Flathead 
 How does it breath with that tiny carb?
 Nice Buick!

 XXXX 500?

 It is hard explain how nice the paint was on this Rod!

 Interesting Carb adapter!

 CARHUNTER searches the globe for original unmolested low mileage MOPARS and this one pops up in my own backyard. Go ahead and laugh, you never know what is hiding in plain sight!
1970 Plymouth Satellite!
A lovely Redhead attends her first show with the car and is not sure what to expect?
I was standing there when the judge was looking it over and I hope she updates me on the results!  
 Yeah factory assembly line marks- F78 tires with White Walls!
The 91 year old original owner wanted her to have the car because he could not drive anymore, the car was right up my alley for sure! CARHUNTER does not always win! :( , but glad she is happy :) with the car!
These 2 Pontiacs were very well done and owned by one man!

Ah? Never mind!

 Say it, INDY 500!
 Real clean Formula S Barracuda
 When a Chevelle catches a MOPAR guys attention take note!
 The Chrome trim was Brushed Nickel and looked fantastic! 

You run with CARHUNTER and you keep going and going!
We hit Islip Saturday PM cruise night next 

 All original Maverick, but I still like the 70 Satellite better!

 Don't get me going on this unreal 57 dodge sweptline, I know they built them and I may have screwed up by not talking to the owner, something looks customized?
 Besides the HEMI!!

We tried a second Islip location  reported as cancelled and it was although some people showed up!
 Then we tried Cedar Beach and this gate guard showed us the way and sadly no cars!
 We did find cars looking for action!
 Always fun to swing by Hollywood Motors out there!
 72 Roadrunner

 68 GTX yeah I am MOPAR dude, do you recall?
 70 GTX
 CARHUNTER was spotting them like dimes on the side of the road!
 Even behind Barbed Wire! 
Found this image online of this rig!
Lets get out there and enjoy the season, meet new people and bring a kid to a car show will ya! 


  1. High School friend's Dad was a service manager at Century C/P. The Triumph GT6 is one of my favorite brits of all time!

  2. The 70 Satelitte was awesome. Greta story behind it. So was the carhunter reputation blemished by missing out on a car so close to home. Time will tell.
    My buddies Pontiac Ventura and GTO were 2 sweeeet rides. My aspirations is to have mine looking as good as his.