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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Here is the plan; you are at some non auto related location and you turn the corner and find a?? 
For the most part here the cars are not at salvage yards or auto repair facility!
BANG a pair of Cuda's, one Petty Blue and one Plum Crazy! 
Taking a stroll and taking in some bird watching? A Camaro just awaits your trailer!
Your neighbor has a 69 Z28 in his yard that has been there since he was in high school and he is now 56 years old?
Another lawn ornament and no one knows what it is and the guy who owns the house said it was there when he moved in?
Old school race MOPAR racer hiding behind the tool shed? 64 Plymouth
Just pull the weeds around it, but it ain't for sale!!! Porsche 930
Let me ask again mam, you went to plant Petunias and you found a Ferrari in the soil? 
Just behind the storage shed is some old thing, yeah a NASCAR Dodge Charger!
Yes that's right the Bull thinks the Formula One car is his wife!
So there was a railroad here someplace right? 
 Hashima Island, someone forgot there was an Island in Japan?
So you say it's been there as long as you remember, would you take this one home?
For some reason I would want this!
Ok so the guy you bought the property from said he had some Buicks you can keep, did he mention they were all welded together?
Neatness counts so keep your motors on your cars that have been sitting in the yard since 1979
No explanation of a cable car gondola being saved and for?
So the kids keep off the lawn since you parked this on it?
Your uncle has some abandoned car you can't ID sitting in his storage lot?
At least we found what this was
 ASC Vision II concept 1990
I think finding a one off custom cast aside would be cool like this never was 4 door
Maybe a back in the day custom rod waiting to be saved?
Can you imagine walking in the woods and bumping into all of Richard and Lee Petty's old cars? 

Maybe an old armored truck would surprise you?
Finding an old truck is cool enough,but with a car on the back- from the patina it looks like they have had a long journey together 
A cast off old Chevy airport limo might show up
This old custom is named the McCormack Coupe found in a junkyard not backyard
Hey a Trans Am in the backyard
The sign says NO TRESPASSING on this forgotten Super Bee 
Even a Lotus can be pushed aside!
We all dream of the Superbird in the field
Or Daytona
 Studebaker Stiletto Show car
How do you just leave cars like this laying around?

 Mercury X500 concept car 
68 Charger lawn ornament 
Another cool 4 door one off just wasting away
YES it is a YENKO NOVA rotting away 
 From China Jianhua JH6620 24V3000 and 2 of em to boot
Glad I am not in China, who would let these custom wedding limos just waste away! 
I could not skip past this with some info to share!
Based on a Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana 2000 
Some snazzy looking car, huh?
Yes this is the hood ornament!

The car had a 1.8L 4 cylinder,but the 24V3000 emblem was supposed to impress all!


Don't let the GTO GET away!
This is the Aurora safety car that built by a Priest and there it sits!

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