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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I am not sure too many people know there is a Long Island Museum nor that it houses the largest collection of Carriages?

They had an art of school kids display, this kids got a future huh?
He painted a 71 Cuda!
You should recognize the name Melville!
 Great old work shop displays
 Belt driven machine shop!

 Why is CARHUNTER looking at Carriages?
 Before motorized transport were there carriage guys?
 The museum is very nicely done
 Welcome to NYC, no bus lanes and no bike lanes!
 No one knew where this "real" patrol wagon" was!
 1905 145 Pct. in Gowanus Brooklyn

 It is pretty crazy to look at a real Stage Coach!

 A little old school LIRR!

 Carriage Houses were very elegant 

 Before Presidential Limos, there were Carriages
 Parking for the rest of us, a carriage shed, your utility wagons would be kept here 

Yes that Studebaker

 The first race machine?

 As I write this the New York International Auto Show is winding up and this exhibit is pretty much what you would have attended back in 1899!
 Again why is CARHUNTER here?
 Many of the first car manufacturers started as Carriage builders 

 Brewster of Broome street, later built car bodies then they started building their own car in a factory in Queens Plaza at the base of the 59th Street bridge, the building still is there.

AT Demarest went on to build car bodies

Bronson also went into the auto business briefly and built a car named Covert

 Why, Why is CARHUNTER here?

 I was hoping to walk into that moment when the automobile started to replace the carriage! 
 Although it looks like a carriage it is horseless, but engine less as well!
 Studebaker rolled into the new world with an electric automobile in 1902! 

 Horses need not apply! I wonder if Horses started to protest about losing their jobs?
 The fact that it survives and is sitting in front of the CARHUNTER is very cool!

 Carriage museum conquered I wandered into the art museum. The featured artist was Mort Kunstler and it started with many paintings of early american history. 
As I walked the exhibit I realized we all know Mort Kunstler even if you are not an artsy kinda person! He has illustrated many magazine cover, including that famous MAD magazine spoof of Jaws! He also illustrated many movie posters, storyboards for directors and even most of the Aurora model kit box artwork!  
Mort Kunstler and Aurora model kits are both Long Island natives!
Even a car guy can find something of interest in an art museum!
Sometimes you need go back to the beginning even if there is no motor for a motorhead!

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