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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I waited a year to review and blog this for a reason, I wanted to visit the 2015 show 1st. I have attended this show I believe 3 years, it was an excellent combo with the Chryslers at Carlisle weekend, the show starts 1pm Friday so it gives me a chance to get all the driving behind me so a fresh early start for the Carlisle event is achieved.
My first time at the show I thought it was great, I met Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins who passed away shortly afterwards, took photos with Linda Vaughn Hurst Miss Golden Shifter!
Last year when I arrived I noticed the outside car show I saw last year was not there?
The car show has been moved to Saturday only, not Friday anymore for the last 2 years.
Bus tours to Eastern Museum of racing (which was great) suddenly only 1 trip last year and I almost missed it, this year also gone!
Last year I asked the woman in the pay window about the car show and the Racing museum trip schedule. Knowing she was just an employee of the expo center, but she found the promoter and relayed my questions. 
A little while later as I waited for the bus a red faced man named Darwin Doll (really) rushes up to me and says "I HEAR YOU WERE COMPLAINING?" Confrontational and right up in my face, I said I asked about the car show and he rather nastily informed me "I should have been reading the website" At this point I told him to back off and stop yelling at me, he didn't and I once again said if you do not back off there is going to be a problem at which point he informed me I was a jerk or some other childish insult and ran off!
So much for being a gracious host? If this was not a show I could kill some time at prior to Chrysler at Carlisle I would not attend it ever again. 
Having this show the same weekend of Chrysler at Carlisle I think is a back door stabbing  move as you can see many historic MOPAR drag cars are here, but I think they would be better received a 1/2 hour away at the premier MOPAR event!

My first time at the show was exciting, but visit 2 and 3 have proven to be getting very stale, I think 90% of the cars were the same as the few last years. 

1974 Pontiac GTO on the Ventura (Nova) style body 

This Sox and Martin Cuda parked next to Richard Petty's 43jr drag Barracuda (which was at Carlisle) would have been impressive!


I think Carlisle should have a tent with all these historic cars

Only Factory drag pick up built by Ford

Less than an hour away 1000's of hungry MOPAR guys and gals would have enjoyed this one!

Very Very cool barn find early funny car
Yup rust, this baby ain't fiberglass!

I am not sure what this was doing here, except they need to fill space?
City of Lost Angels

This car is not at Carlisle?

Nor this?

Why is this famous car sitting a 1/2 hour away from Carlisle?


Cuda on a diet

I wonder if any MOPAR fanatics made it here over the Friday and Saturday?

Double your pleasure double your fun- 2 engines - 4 distributors - 2 superchargers - 32 spark plugs and 1 transmission, but who's counting?

The famous Jungle Jim team

I think young boys remembered Jim's wife Jungle Pam a little more
Pam was involved in starting line activities and I am having a little trouble keeping this PG 
Wardrobe malfunctions were part of each run, but not going there!

It's a Flat Head Ford high Performance mobile museum!

I am pretty sure I think this show is really fizzling out, maybe it's Darwin's attitude (won't call him Mr.) I had a rival show once staged on my big car show weekend and I am sure this one is not hurting Chryslers at Carlisle, but folks are missing some great MOPARS. I give this show one more year and it will be gone!
I waited until 2015 show so my emotions from last year would not not sway my blog, but although I like to keep this upbeat I also feel the need to honestly review events. It is a nice event for a first timer, but is slowly loosing any new innovations and becomes rather mundane after your first visit.
I was told the Chrysler at Carlisle event organizers had spoken to Darwin and he said right out he put the show on the same weekend to draw off of the real show near by and refused to consider changing the date! As my intuition sensed this was probably the last year for this show, damn it did give me an excuse to drive out a day earlier!   

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  1. I am shocked at Darwin Doll's attitude! I don't think I've ever seen pictures from this event, but it gets plenty of ink before the event. You're right- If they move it a week in one direction, and get these Mopars to Carlisle, it'll help all I think.