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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I have not attended this Friday night cruise in years, it has had it's ups and downs, the downs shut it down for a few seasons
The single undisputed strangest cruise night location I have ever witnessed! Held at a train station full of commuter "station cars" as they are called and you notice the regulars are vigilantly stalking parking spots as early as 2pm!!!! I wanted to beat traffic and had not eaten yet so I headed out and about 3pm slipped in and I FOUND a parking spot! Every train that rolled in spit out a handful of commuters who scurried to theirs cars hawked by car guys!  
Just when you thought it was safe.....
 Around 5pm 2 people sit down and start asking for $3 as cars arrive, in a public lot and I am confused. A further investigation as we approach 6pm I realize the Chamber of Commerce is collecting the money, a few porta-potties are unlocked, a golf cart with a two way radios is prowling the lot and NCPD Auxiliary Police are now regulating the cars entering based on available parking.  
 Around 6pm  hoards of commuters march into the lot, some excited to take some photos, some clearly uncomfortable of the crowds and some indifferent. The inventory in the lot has now turned from 99% commuter cars to 99% old cars!
 In the early stages of the transformation I was getting disillusioned by the hectic stress filled parking spot hunters and the cars were mundane or just strange? Spinning prop on the roof mounted P51 and the drivers dysfunctional navigation of the parking lot with bubble pods on each side and only 1 side view mirror became comic! 
 Take the rear door handles off and now it is not a station wagon?
 Don't get me started, I wanted to leave at this point and was texting friends, who promised they were on the way!!
 Nice man,but not my idea of a classic vehicle and he was graciously being a showman, I was ready to sneak out!

Strobe lights and music, I don't like when a spotlight stealer does not understand what goes into restoring or customizing a car and out stages!  
 Dealer plate on this Neoclassic thing?

 Another Neoclassic KITCAR  
 The lot was filling with obscure vehicles and a bunch of Mustangs and Chevelles, oh boy!
 As the evening progressed I was a little inspired to stay and this flame cut hood street rod was welcomed

 An actual classic!!
I thought it was a Corvette kit Ferrari, Registration said Ferr? I never found out

 Cute, different and very early DATSUN
 Helping hands at car shows always welcomed!

 Yeah some street rods!

 Restored modified racer or purpose built to replicate one, never found out?
Many cars are constantly moving jockeying for a better spot or any spot!

Ok where's Milner?

 V8? Yes rather rae MGB GT V8 using a 215 CI Aluminum V8 that originally powered late 60's Buicks and the engine became a UK staple in Rovers across the pond! 
They purchased all the tooling and our little Buick aluminum V8 became a British power plant!

 In 1980 although The Trans Am was the official Indy 500 pace car, the support vehicles were GMC and matched the pace car- nice to see one 35 years later!

 Ok now we styling and scrapping the pavement!

 Unusual and I like that!

 Max Weinstein, NO=MAX WEDGE 

 I overheard an EXPERT proclaimed it's a 318, nope a 273 HP 4bbl - those are correct factory valve covers and air cleaner  

 Painted Cragars, different!

 Nice to see a young lady behind the wheel

 NICE! A12 Super Bee
 Lift off hood, no hinges, Steel wheels and red lines!

 A 1971 318, I like it!

By the end of the evening the lot was full, the place was hopping and cars were circling looking for a spot!
I can not stop thinking why they just don't move the cruise night to a larger parking lot or make it a Saturday night cruise because not as many commuter cars will be there? 

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