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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Oh yes plenty more MOPARS!
Let us continue with the MOPARS at Ocean City MD. and they can speak for themselves!
I have no choice , but to be very honest about the weekend event.
Many well done street rod's,muscle cars and classic's were in attendance.
Largest gathering of pro-street cars I have ever seen in one place and some humor as well!
Over the next blogs make it very clear that something you will not see are any of the tons of new Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Caddy's etc........... Why? These were the cars making the biggest spectacles, burnouts and unsafe driving. 

You will not see any of the Diesel black belching smoke truck fleet who also felt the need to be obnoxious.
I watched a 4 dr Silverado go out of control after power braking to smoke up the tires, luckily he did not hit anyone!

Saturday night was unsupervised mayhem all night, drunken kids screaming into the early morning as a parade of aforementioned trucks and non classic show cars left giant patches of rubber.  
The street in front of my hotel was wildly pinstriped.
The event takes place a week before the official beach season so for some reason Ocean City ignores this mess?
I noticed most of the nice high dollar show cars were parked for the night before the be-witching hours madness.

OUCH! Well keep using parking lots in a Superbird!!
Did I mention Creative Industries did NOT assembly these cars?

Holy Spare Parts, it's the Batmob, never mind!

Well it is, was a MOPAR
AM boardwalk cruise- I staked out the perfect angle and sun positioning
The lady with the white sweater apparently failed the photography course 
As much as I tried to reposition she kept getting in my shots in the prime perfect place I had staked out. 

NOTE- the angle of the sun and the shadows on the floor
She was shooting directly into the sun with the passenger side of the cars in shadows! Nice going!
Thanks, I really appreciate - about 500 people were positioned on my side with cameras, sorry I did not get their name, but Mr. and Mrs. Annoying comes to mind! Wave hello, yup I just took your photo for all to see!

As you can see I had to move a bit and loose my centered back drop of that crazy shop!!

You have realized I may duplicated many of the cars shot, it is a constantly moving car show!

I am not sure how much I can recommend the event, maybe just do Saturday and get back out next year? If the rowdy college kid scene is what you like feel free to stay over, I prefer nice family shows, but that's the CARHUNTERS opinion.
Stand by more MOPARS coming!
Many more cars coming in the weeks ahead!

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