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Monday, May 18, 2015


I am going to try and separate what was there and also critique the good and bad!

 A complete newcomer to this event I was unsure how to tackle it? 
 I see a bunch of cars on the cruise circle, even very early Friday AM  
 Research said south point is the inlet park lot and I found a large amount of cars here with the ocean as a back drop!
 I have never seen so many pro street tubbed fat rubber cars with superchargers in one place! 

After reviewing the photos I realized I SHOT A TON OF MOPARS!
MOPARS will have to be spread out over at least 2 blogs
I think it is a Mopar?

I like the variation of a 69 Sport Satellite

Real Dude package Dodge trucks are rare, it looks like just added decals on this one?

One of many,many race prepped HEMI's this weekend

 This is a replica of the movie car Dirty Mary,Crazy Larry!
 This was a major issue all weekend- BEER!
Will talk about that later

 Spiffy match huh? This guy was posted at the fender? I am pretty sure this is his car,duh! 
 He only moved when relieved  by his son (?) who took the post in the exact spot??
 This was a HEMI, the fender tag is right behind his position, I will not say any more!
 I finally asked the other guy to move so I could shoot a photo!
It did not occur to me that I should have checked out the fender tag!

Another Race HEMI pro street tubbed racer 68 Cuda

70 Challenger 16 plug race HEMI pro-street animal!

Some of these cars will appear more than once as the cars cruised from venue to venue all weekend

 I have seen this one before and was laughing as people spouted the knowledge to their buddy!
"they did not build many of these very rare!" 
Yes they built none as it is not a Superbird based a Roadrunner, but a full custom 68 Barracuda turned into a winged warrior!

So much for shooting with the sun behind you, I waited and waited!
Must be on the phone with his bookie? I am going to constantly include photos now of owners that make the effort to bring and show off their car then block it from photos! 

Two words- Boardwalk Fries!
He had a excuse, engine troubles as they fumbled with some spark plug wires!

The engine must be on steroids!

1971 B5 blue R/T Challenger 

My kinda car and I just missed getting it from the original owner who was using it as an everyday driver! 
70,000  miles 318 a/c 

Old school alarmed and hood chained closed

The interior was all original

snakeskin top
Very nicely done Plymouth street rod pick up and MOPAR powered!

Nice 67 383 Dart GTS

This was for my rather closed minded friend who chastised me for doing a few blogs with foreign cars!



  1. Man. What a bunch of sweeeet rides. Sucks I missed it. Next year hopefully. Love that original 71 challenger. We need to setup a Mopiac show somewhere

  2. I have always thought the mid atlantic was solid Mopar country. Whenever I see a '72 'runner I wonder if it an old basket case I once saved and sold. Excellent turnout!