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Monday, January 12, 2015


Saving the planet one scam at a time. I have said it before, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
The ratio of believers who swear it was not a scam to the ones that spent the time finding the truth is far from even.
I tried hard to believe,but then again I never thought Santa was real either! I realized it was a myth when I bumped into my first Santa-Con! One is every crowd, find the "blue" Santa, his name is Waldo!

I had a rather cloudy memory of some guy that came up with a 100 MPG car and was killed, by?
I found the story, but spent a fair amount of time going past the rumors and sensationalism.
Meet 21 year old Tom Ogle of Texas! Did you hear about Tom Ogle, probably not!
This young man was pretty smart and all research confirms he drained the fuel tank in that big V8 FORD while a reporter watched him, young Ogle then placed two gallons of gas in the tank and drove 100 miles in it with the reporter in the car. The only major modification besides the usual tire over inflation and such was a carburetor substitute that was a vapor device. Super heating the fuel to vaporize it has 2 down sides, the car is very hard to start without that initial spray of fuel (which happened on that observed test) and the performance may be slightly sluggish, but it will be very stingy on fuel (in theory)!  
Did young Tom read up on the Pogue Carb of 1936?
From 1947-1959 a Fish Carb claimed improved MPG 
Orders sent to the Daytona Beach company were returned by the post office after being  intercepted and marked fraudulent!

The carbs were sold to individuals and later up in Canada and in Europe. JR Fish was under constant pressure to dismantle his company, it is reported famous stock car racer Fireball Roberts used one of these carbs on his racer! 
Canada did grant a patent.
Remember a Patent does not say the invention works, just protects it. 
Fireball Roberts ready to run Daytona on the beach.

The Brown carburetor Company of Draper Utah sold 10,000 new Fish design carbs from 1981-1996
The only claim of the Fish design was 20% better MPG and 30% more Horsepower!  I am not going to get into every "supercarb" as they were known,but all used the same concept and never accepted nor mass produced.
I am not going to promote it, but it appears you can actually order a Fish Carb again, feel free to perform your own testing!

The Ogle Carburetor

Argosy Magazine had a five-page article about Tom Ogle and the media witnessed test of the “Oglemobile”. On that test run, Tom Ogle achieved more than 100 MPG in a 4,600 pound 1970 Ford Galaxie.
Tom Ogle was granted patent # 4,177,779 on Dec. 11th, 1979 “It all started with a lawn mower”

Tom Ogle became wealthy because he had taken in many investors, so ask if the vapor carb really was a proven in the past invention why was it never put in production?
Ogle was a Texas High School drop out and at age 21 asked if he feared the oil companies stopping him replied "not anymore I have had too much publicity now". No one could dispute a 4000lb car normally getting 13 MPG made a 2  part 200 mile trip on 2 gallons of gas! The car was disassembled to search for hidden fuel tanks! While working on a lawn mower a hole in the fuel tank was plugged by a vacuum line that went straight to the manifold, the mower ran for 96 hours bypassing the carb! Where did this car eventually end up?   
It was reported only Ogle and his partner could understand the system, FYI a car fell on Ogles Partner and he was killed!

Ogle sold his invention to C F Ramsey who made Tom agree to step back and let him develop and market the invention, Tom received a large monthly salary. Ramsey sold the rights to Advanced Fuel Products while Tom received $5000 a month research and development money and would get 6% royalties when marketed. Tom opened his first auto diagnostic center with his wealth, hopefully to become a national chain. Advanced soon told Tom their engineers had developed their own product which had nothing to do with his invention so his income was gone, his diagnostic center failed, the invention died and so did Tom Ogle at age 24. Now looking more like a failure, his wife left him and the cause of death was listed as accidental drug overdose. The rumors said it was a cover up of a murder because the Ogle Carb was a dead issue with it's inventor! Did Advanced just realize it did not work?

No one could figure out how his carb worked and even in a more refined version wouldn't a carb that got 30-40 MPG be welcomed? 
Let us divide this up, on one side people thought Ogle had invented the device that would change the world by solving our energy problems and dependency on oil while saving the environment! If you burn 100% of the fuel, emission will be almost zero! This concept had been presented by Pogue, Fish and Schwartz to name a few and never developed,but why? This group would argue that they (auto makers and oil industry) did not want this invention to be put in production and everything possible to derail Young Ogle was tried, until his mysterious death only 4 years later! Claims of GM owning a similar patent and shelving it never were proven. The end of the story was Ogle had made a large sum of money from investors,the device never went into any production and Ogle was dead!
 From the other side of the coin now:
It may be hard to wrangle all of this into a quick summary,but I will try.
Physicists have reviewed the theory of these "supercarbs" including Ogles claims and it appears the concept just does not work. Other than the Fish Carb that only made claims to a realistic 20% MPG boost no other "supercarb" went into production. A few enterprising people tried to make a "supercarb" and results netted hard starting and low performance with no mileage improvement!
It is hard not to fall into the Tom Ogle "Supergenious" victimized theory until you step back and look beyond the hype.
Rewind and we find young Ogle was just released to a half way house "Alternative House"  from The JFK Youth Correction Facility in MD. for an unknown federal sentence as a juvenile! He quickly started to con people into investing in his invention and future, Polly Snyder an administrative assistant at the Alternative House was one of the first "investors", former director at Alternative Ming, attorney Bob Perel along with parole officers Garcia and Kirkland and this group was promised 5% return once the Ogle carb went into production, the group formed their own research program under the name Vapor-Air Fuel Systems which obviously vaporized itself as well! The federal employees were questioned about conflict of interest, but it turned out Ogle had approached them after his release and never conducted any business during their work hours! 
Looks like you can trust this young man, right?
Mack Massey Jr. of Massey AMC-Jeep and Travis Crawford owner of a Buick-Opel dealership also became investors. Jim Peck owned the repair shop that Ogle worked in as a mechanic also became Ogles partner. Any one seen the movie The Producers? Sell shares to a loosing project!
Remember the good old days in NASCAR when the good ol' boys cheated?
If you could hide more fuel in the car, then you could go further than the competition before pit stop to refuel and they built expandable bladders in the tanks so they could be "over filled". Ogle was a smart kid and maybe spent a lot of time reading in prison? They claimed he drained the tank and then put 2 gals in it, witnesses confirmed he spilled some, I thought it was in a small bottle, not in the tank. Obviously no one cut open the fuel tank to see if a small tank within the tank existed, yes could have put 60 lbs in each tire,backed off the brakes and loosened the wheel bearings to get the car rolling easier, but any person with any mechanical background can verify the vapor carb does not work nor can a 4500 lb car get 100 MPG, it is science and impossible. It would seem the last gallon in a big car probably does not get sucked in fully, the tank is just too big even if Ogle pressurized it as said! 
Many things are cloudy, his age has been flipped around a bit, he died at 26, but was 21 in 1977? just bad math I think. This mysterious silent partner that was crushed by the car was never identified? It was said this mystery man was the only other person besides Ogle that knew how this carb worked? Was this story created to enhance the claims of conspiracy, maybe Ogle needed to eliminate his "partner" or maybe he never existed? As Ogle's "Supercarb" started to fizzle so did his life. Claims of the feds trying to hammer him for such things as tax evasion were probably just that, he probably never claimed income and he spent big, gambled and drank! Remember he had a past of a federal crime,but what for? He was not a violent kid so he probably ran a previous scam, a juvenile made it to a federal prison? He apparently owed some money and at one point got shot!! The Ogle "supercarb"  not in production, investors at his heels, loss of his repair shop chain dream and his wife left him with their child. he suddenly became old news and eventually overdosed on Darvon and Alcohol which was ruled accidental or suicide, Some believe his death was part of a master plan to eliminate Ogle and kill the project, but the patent survived and expired so why was the research never continued, I think it was all a scam!
There are many more who claimed to have beaten the oil dependency and usually failure was blamed on some mysterious evil sources!
I know many have heard of the car that ran on water?
Stanley (fitting as Stanley built the original steam cars) Allen Meyer seemed to have created a car that ran on water and was even labeled a perpetual motion machine!
I am not going to talk steam cars, but quickly the first ones needed refills, later models used a condenser that trapped the steam and refilled the tank so it could keep going, that is kind of perpetual motion. 
Meyer started his research back in 1975, now to burst another bubble the car actually was fueled by ammonia and the water was used to regulate the "burn".
Meyer had no qualifications as a scientist (he had some kind of appointed PhD in natural medicine, looks better if PhD is in front of your name correct?) and as we learned in the past you can not skirt around the laws of physics, period! 
Meyer held many patents, a misconception is if a patent is granted it is proof it works, NOT TRUE, it just protects your invention.

It seems the car was saved,hidden away and recently was sold so maybe that will show up again, Stanley Allen Meyer still has a facebook page? Many videos have since been purged about his invention.



The combustion of ammonia to nitrogen and water is exothermic:
4 NH3 + 3 O2 → 2 N2 + 6 H2O (g) (ΔH°r = −1267.20 kJ/mol)
The standard enthalpy change of combustion, ΔH°c, expressed per mole of ammonia and with condensation of the water formed, is −382.81 kJ/mol. Dinitrogen is the thermodynamic product of combustion: allnitrogen oxides are unstable with respect to N2 and O2, which is the principle behind the catalytic converter. However, nitrogen oxides can be formed as kinetic products in the presence of appropriate catalysts, a reaction of great industrial importance in the production of nitric acid:
4 NH3 + 5 O2 → 4 NO + 6 H2O
A subsequent reaction leads to NO2
2 NO + O2 → 2 NO2
The combustion of ammonia in air is very difficult in the absence of a catalyst (such as platinum gauze), as the temperature of the flame is usually lower than the ignition temperature of the ammonia-air mixture. The flammable range of ammonia in air is 16–25%. 

In 1996, Meyer was sued by two investors to whom he had sold dealerships, offering the right to do business in Water Fuel Cell technology. His car was due to be examined by the expert witness Michael Laughton, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. However, Meyer made what Professor Laughton considered a "lame excuse" on the days of examination and did not allow the test to proceed. According to Meyer, the technology was patent pending and under investigation by the patent office, the Department of Energy and the military. His "water fuel cell" was later examined by three expert witnesses in court who found that there "was nothing revolutionary about the cell at all and that it was simply using conventional electrolysis." The court found Meyer had committed "gross and egregious fraud" and ordered him to repay the two investors their $25,000.
OK now we all know everything to know about water fueled cars, right?

In 1998 while dinning with 2 Belgian investors in  Cracker Barrel after sipping cranberry juice Meyer suddenly ran out from the restaurant screaming they poisoned me and died, his death was declared caused by a brain aneurysm! As per Meyer's twin brother the Belgians never even said a word or offered condolences in the days after the incident? A neighbor Charles Hughes claims he witnessed black limos rolling up to Meyer's home and middle eastern appearing men left after a brief encounter, he then stated military vehicles pulled up and questioned Meyer. Charles said Meyer told him the first group offered him $250 million to stop his research and his family would live a long happy life! 

  Below a rather professional plan from another guy to convert a Camaro to run on water! Nathan Armour claimed his 78 Camaro ran on water, but where is it and where is he? 

Herman P. Anderson built a Chevrolet that ran on water!
The traces of a 1971 Ford LTD V8 that ran on water called the green machine have all but disappeared along a sight called the 
Herman was a renowned fighter pilot and worked on hydrogen rocket projects, he passed of old age about 10 years ago!
Mr. Anderson never was looking to make money he was just one of those cool old guys that tinkered! 
I bet you thought I was going to feed into the whole government cover up junk, right?
Food for thought, all patents from these miracle inventions have expired so the technology is public information. Anyone can attain blueprints from expired patents and duplicate an invention, I am waiting, still waiting, hello?? 

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