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Saturday, August 31, 2013


 Famous Neurosurgeon Dr. Frederick Simeone created the Simeone Foundation after 50 years of gathering over 60 of the rarest and significant racing sports cars and I made my first visit in February of 2012. It is located in a rather unsuspected area of Philadelphia amongst the auto junk yards. The building is much like any warehouse in the area until you are inside and view the well thought out theme displays, grouped by country of origin or famous race locations like Lemans. I say first visit because I would recommend going back and watching the events schedule because there is an area devoted to rotating exhibits, my visit had the Best Of Britain and September 14 2013 Best of Germany rolls in with a tribute to Porsche scheduled.The Simeone also has special driving demonstrations when choice museum cars are taken out for the public to hear, smell and enjoy.
It is a Blog so something that always bothered me is next; Vintage car owners spend a lot of money and time building a car and even taking it to a show is expensive so why is it when we get to a show THE CAR OWNER has to pay to display the car?? You want the public to attend, but often the public pays nothing or very little and the car owner pays the most. If we do not bring the car there is nothing to see. Unless the money is for a charity any car show I have or plan to organize I can not rationalize making the car owner pay. I realize some venues have fees to rent or utilize a space, but if that is the case why not have the public coming to the event pay?I have noticed the entry fees keep getting higher. I was at a show and I heard someone thanking a car owner for bringing the car out today, so next time you are at a car show tell the owner you like the car and for thank him for bringing it to the show today and I bet it will be greatly appreciated.

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