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Saturday, August 10, 2013


CRIME SCENE UNIT An incredible event is taking place in Pierce Nebraska population 7700 est. September 28 and 29! Mr. Lambrecht returned from his stint in the Army and opened Lambrecht Chevrolet with his wife, eventually son,daughter and one paid employee. Not unusual in the 1950's unless of course that went on until 1996! Obviously a very successful business so much so that they did not sell the trade in cars and used cars, but continued for decades to place them on the family farm under the trees, but something else happened. When the new model year arrived the previous model year was put aside and not sold because Mr. L thought no one would want last years model, not even at cost. For the next 50 years this practice continued when the doors of the Chevrolet dealer were locked, keep in mind the buildings still had parts -NOS parts never sold and those new never sold cars and trucks with sticker prices in place and most with less than 10 miles. Local sources confirm there were more buildings, one an old creamery/dairy, but the buildings fell in disrepair and accounted for some of the damage on the cars, the 58 Cameo Carrier truck had something fall on it in the building. The building gets condemned and here comes part of a 50 car collection of brand new cars being stuck everywhere including the family farm- hidden under trees in the dirt, I guess that would protect them? So a rather unusual group of cars, mostly Chevrolet, but some other makes that were traded in and I have seen Studebakers, Chryslers, Fords and more. If you are an automotive enthusiast then you may be forewarned that the images could be very upsetting and it may be hard not to be angry at Mr. Lambrecht although there is no evidence this was done out of malice nor wasn't he just a nice man! I think things just got away from him in a grand scale. This will be my October photo set on Flickr CARHUNTER2. Expect all the cable shows about cars and junk pickers to be in attendance, I will be, but only for the reveal/inspection day. see Vanderbrink auctions and if the links don't work just google Lambrecht Chevrolet

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