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Friday, November 1, 2019


A very special visit to a fantastic collection started in 1965! 
Roger Brown is a woodworking master craftsman, but what you are about to see is not a museum, but one mans fantastic collection and obsession!  
Our car club arranged a visit which was met with a BBQ lunch! 

You say you like old signs? 

Ready set go! Start counting real, not reproduction gas pumps! 

It's a bathtub, no it's a Nash! 

Oyl Co' huh? 

Roger makes these!

Dopes once was a nick name for soda pop which contained syrup also once associated with some kind of drug infused into these elixirs 

You could spend a week here and not see everything!

Anyone remember one of these?

Could not find either one!

Are you counting them?

Too bad he did not keep this one!

Very cool stuff for sure!
Frog Follies Oil cans!! 

This may be absolute, but I think I need one

I don't think this would pass for child seat anymore 

Could not care less! 

Rogers business is wood restoration and he was doing the wood for a Rolls Royce Shooting Break as they call it
Odd choice, but it had a Big Block Chevy, kind of a resto-mod

Since this was only 20 minutes from the woodworker I decided to visit the City Garage Car Museum
I finally got the story straight this building was a Dodge dealership unrelated to the Bewley family. 
Then it was a repair shop.
The Bewley family roots go back to Grandad who was a Packard dealership in town. 
Bewley Motors was an Oldsmobile/Subaru dealership in town, it became the museum to showcase a collection! 
Always a theme - tribute to grandpa's Packard store! 

Auburn Boat tail speedster replica

See if you spot the odd balls?
The Berlina 

A Pantera
Yes this how we 1st saw a Subaru in the USA
Nice tribute to Dale Sr.

A Big Daddy Ed Roth replica

Don't worry I will explain this one down in another section! 

The County Historic museum is right next to this museum as well as the visitor center for President Andrew Johnsons National Cemetery 
1st Motorized Fire Truck in Greenville Tn. and it served for many years! 

Not many photos of this one at all! 
1969-1970 AMC Ambassador dual cowl phaeton.
Oddly enough many AMC concept cars wound up in private hands.
This was designed by Brook Stevens for Dick Teague of AMC
It is alive and well with some strange paint scheme!
This photo was taken at Hershey AACA meet where it was being sold to the late Harold LeMay where it sits in the families giant museum out in Washington State. 

I guess I have to classify this as a custom since it was a custom build?
The 1915 Van Blerck Speedster is not unlike another monstrous vehicle I spotted a few years back so I immediately starting to think fire truck!!  
Yes this is based on some sort of pre-1920's Firetruck!
The theme seems to be to look like one of those big old race cars!

You are asking who the heck is Van Blerck and he had nothing to do with the building of this car (?)
This a 17 litre 200 HP 6 cylinder high performance boat engine built by the famous engine builder Van Blerck and that is where it's name came from! Yes you do see 3 spark plugs per cylinder in this monster!
This was the Alf Rhino speedster I originally got entangled in a few years back, yes a firetruck once!

Lets see do I find an old firetruck first or a rare large displacement engine first?

Once again copied as it was presented; yes there was no information about the car itself, but you can send him a Rolex for it!

"This car is an awesome car with a lot of custom work I'm looking to trade for something cool Rolex watch big gold chain diamond ring maybe another car nice motorcycle if you have something you'd like to trade let me know cash or trade very unique Car starts up first time every time."

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