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Friday, February 1, 2019


A recap a year later as the AACA Museum does a solo appearance and the results are flawless! I won't get into it, but the AACA club decided to try a hostel take over of the museum to fit their agenda.

A little teaser of what's inside!
A rotating display of vehicles with a special limited exhibit 2-3 times a year and my last visit found some big a#& cars to see!  
The volunteers sneak in under cover of darkness and transform the museum like elves! I'll take this Packard please! 


Ok I will take this Packard! 

Although it is quite attractive area I never understood how it just kind of blocks the cars from view- keep this in mind for a view later in the blog! 

A Deuce and a quarter (225) and we said! 

This is the drive in movie display so you just get the rears!

What workmanship on this wood!

 Ok boys and girls we all have seen It's a Wonderful Life, the holiday season movie!
This is the actual Taxi from the movie and it retains all the original patina, very cool I say! 

These usually rotate, but I think having these two behemoths turning might be dangerous weapons!  

The museum is poorly lit and I have to apologize fro some blurry photos, do they do this on purpose? 

This Dodge is amazing, gets the award for the most emblems and ornamentation on one car! 

 The museum has started to use one room to highlight a certain make or model giving it freely to clubs and the displays are always impressive-

This kind of stuff hiding in a garage would be a shame

Now you can read the real story of the Star used in the Dodge logo 
Still enjoy the veterans of the museum collection!
 This is a very impressive DuPont, very rare and yes the DuPont family name you know well enough
Woodlite and mini Woodlite! 

 Quick test the original cross country highway- wrong The Lincoln Highway started in Times Square and made it to the West Coast!
Route 66 started in Illinois near Chicago!

You never heard of a Zagelmeyer, shame on you!

 I still am impressed every time I see Mr. Cammack's collection of Tucker that he willed to the Museum so we all can enjoy it! 
Get behind the wheel of a Tucker 

Original conceptual design 
These are all copies of the real documents for the display, but everything from blueprints to doodle drawings 

If you worked at the factory you punched that time clock!
For the movie Tucker many fiberglass replicas were created including spare body parts for the assembly line scenes - this a replica shell 

Where else could you stand and see 4 Tuckers at once?
The only remaining automatic car just over the 1/2 way point of production which was 51 cars

In my travels I believe I have seen about a dozen real Tuckers, I wish I kept count 

001 first prototype

So much original Tucker items it boggles the mind!

Now you know what to do with all those hubcaps in the collection 
This was left over from the last exhibit, which I missed because of a inconsiderate "friend"   

In the 70's the Cord Family tried a baby Cord sports car with modern driveline 

It has become the home of the Bus museum as well

Remember I mentioned the view? Up above a sunbather is hiding! 


Since we talked about Georgia Tech's Model A I thought compelled to talk about North Texas University's Model A  
Mean Green has actually been converted to an electric vehicle! 

 1974 so it has been around longer than any student!
Mean Green tailgate machine 
This cannon is fired if there is a win! 


It seems most of these famous Kustoms have quite the storyline as this Corvette does!

It evolved into the X-Sonic 

 The Famous painter Larry Watson applied a few different paint schemes over the years!  

Unrelated to the X-Sonic, but worthy of including  

If you like read and try to follow the life of the X-Sonic here; 
 This month we are going to show concepts pre-production of the 61-63 Bullet Bird Thunderbirds
There was a one Italia T'bird that shared that roof line 
Find your favorite

Pretty close


Remember I just copy and paste them as I see em!
I would love to drive it home since it is a real cruiser, but it does not run? HUH?
"Who would love to drive this 1928 Ford Model A home?! $12,000 or best offer. Let us know if you want to see it. It's a cruiser, not running but we were told it wouldn't take much to get it going. Clear title. Nice condition! Pick up in Story"
It also had no photos!!


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