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 I had not been back to Lead East in many years as with many people I also became disenchanted by the ever increasing fees and crowds. This is why the Wild Hot Rod weekend came into existence on the same weekend 20 minutes apart!
Since I had been up at the rival show I decided to make a swing through Lead East on the way home and surprised and delighted.   
The Rockabilly, Rat Rod's were downplayed by good old fashioned customs and lead sleds! 
A few were still present!

I noticed a more seasoned old school crowd serious about the customs!

Stutz's or?

Interesting Volvo

Is this a tail dragger?

A stock Studebaker Hawk does not get anymore custom

This was perfect and the photos could not show how great the custom paint was
Packard tail lamps!

Lead Sleds huh?

Crazy what we see under the hoods now!

Only Packard would come up with this wacky 2 tone treatment 
Say it! Lead ****

Love this port hole mobile Buick 

Oh yeah that's the stuff!

Say it **** Sled

I just love Packards 

Ah yes the bowling shoe special

1939 was a nice year for cars; 

This oldies DJ had it hooked up!

Oh keep 'em coming like this Chrysler

You got this one? *L.S.

I am scared!
of the duct tape!

The fabulous Hudson Hornet!

This is where the Kustoms went huh?

Nuff said?


Holy wagon Batman!

What else= Stubby!

Most Merc's I saw in one day ever!

Don't ask because I don't know!

Hard to see but the tiki torches were burning!

Needs a little dog!

Could it be?

You got to love it!

 I have to say I was impressed by Lead East even though it was late in the day and weekend. They had great music and just the right atmosphere!


Not the girls, the Trucks Skippy!
I am not sure I got them all, but Dodge systematically released trucks with crazy packages!  
 The Rod Hall Signature Edition
 Hickey Top Hand Package
 The Jean Machine

The Southbounder

 The Californian

 The Vikings Special

 The Foxy
 The Pick M Up
 The Spirit of '76

Spirit of America?
The True Spirit

 I actually was considered buying this exact truck

 The War Horse

 The Midnight Express
 Very rare, the paint was metallic black and most were 440 big blocks in the shadow of the Lil' Red Express 360 trucks.
The Warlock

The Power Wagon

 Very rare Roundup
 The Sno-Commander and Sno-Fiter series, they did not have spell check back then!

 Very little rust

 The Prospector and Palomino packages

 My favorite although they did not sell well!
 The Dude with it's panel stripe package, chrome and simulated vinyl roof paint
 CST little muscle trucks with stripes, buckets and 413 HP motors

 I know you never saw the factory B/Experimental drag trucks!

 Spotted at Pigeon Forge years ago an ultra rare SE 440 Big Block, A/C, P/S, lower wood trim and lots o' chrome.

 You want to sell some macho trucks and the first person who comes to mind is Don Knotts?

 The Sweptside was just a car like quarter over a stepside bed much like the Chevy Cameo Carriers

CARHUNTER is a car blog and I want to say everyone in the area is in our hearts and prayers for loss of life and property in California. We are not a news or political blog and we just talk cars here.
I am glad to have seen both these cars in person as they graciously were allowed to be exhibited in art museum displays.   
This month CARHUNTER has to use the CONCEPT CAR section to pay tribute to 2 cars that were recently destroyed in the Malibu fires!
Enjoy this video of Dennis Gage driving both of them from Gary Cervany's collection so you can hear everything about each car directly from Gary.
 The Norman Timbs Special GONE!

Looks like our next car started as a rough drawing. 
It was a trend for a time to Euro re-design some of our cars. A few prototypes on different platforms lead to the slated for production model. 
In the first group of prototypes one 4 door was in the mix and survives today.

Hudson Italia was the kind of a production version

 I am sure Mr. Cervany knows his facts, but there was supposed to be 50 of these built. Only 18 or 19 orders were taken at Hudson Dealerships in the USA and at that same moment in time Hudson went away because it was now part of American Motors. AMC had no interest in continuing this program. It is believed only 26 cars were built and the 1st 5 serial numbers have never been found to date. It is believed only 6 of the cars made it to the USA and all delivered on the West Coast.
Was this the 6 USA bound cars awaiting loading on to a ship?  
 Mr. Cervany had a real rare collection and all 30 cars were destroyed!



 Holy Heal Shoeman!

This description below was the only solid info I could find at Corvette World about this car.

"Here is a radical new concept in custom car design which combines the talents of show producer Bob Larivee, model manufacturer George Toteff, designer Gene Baker, and builder Ron Gerstner. Credit for the concept goes to imaginative Detroit industrial designer Gene Baker, who terms the lines of the car as "organic styling", a marriage of multiple reverse radiuses and compound curves designed as a single unit.

The STILLETTO is owned by the Show Car Division of Promotions Inc. and was built for its President, Bob Larivee, to fulfill his need of a really top-flight feature cor for touring the International Championship Auto Shows.

In on initial application to custom cars, development stages were purposely paralleled to techniques of the auto industry and co-ordinated through the facilities of Model Products Corp. A 1/10th scale clay buck was produced from Baker's original sketches. Then, a 1/10th scale cast was made and a fiberglass model pulled. Full size drawings of the car's exterior were laid out prior to actual work on the car, itself.

All decisions pertaining to construction of the body, chassis, and interior components remained the responsibility of Ron Gerstner, who had been chosen to build the STILLETTO in his Buffalo, N. Y., shop. Utilizing Corvair rear suspension and cross member, Ron fabricated frame rails of 3 1/ 2/1 x 2" rectangular tubing . Referring to full scale drawings, Ron formed a 20~gauge sheet metal body for the car over a lightweight tubular birdcage framework. Additional bulkheads insure proper body contour.

To conserve both weight and space, a rear-mounted Corvair engine and trans were picked as the most practical and the 100" Corvair wheelbase retained. Maximum height of the car was set at 45" with a target weight of 2,500 Lbs. The entire center section of the car, including sculptured bubble, raise 3", then swing back hydroelectrically to allow entry. The unique front suspension is handmade and rides on 1011 Mini Minor rims which are controlled by a Buick steering box.

Rich interior theme incorporates black Naugahyde, walnut panel, and burnished aluminum. S-W instruments ore suspended. Gerstner's final touch includes vivid, multi-coat candy green paint.

Judging from its enthusiastic reception, the STILLETTO is destined to become one of the most famous of all feature cars. Model Products Corp. will produce it in model kit form."
This never was produced as a model kit.


It did show up on the Beverly Hillbillies TV show
My favorite seller is the guy who has us all by the you know what's so don't waste HIS time just buy his junk now!!
Remember these are posted as I see em!
Wait I got confused is he selling it or trying to get someone to finish it for him? 
Porsche 914 1974
Best to see the car in person
I've had had about 35 people who
Can't even respond back or put a deal together

This is not rocket science
Finish the car
First do an estimate of parts and labor
Based on what you do I give you a car and maybe cash
Or you might take a car and give me cash if u do less work

It depends on what we work out
You can sell the car get cash use it or what ever
I have too many cars
So I want to get the porsche done
And have one less car
I want you to make money and do a positive deal
With everything in writing between us

The cars values are nice
Or I can buy the parts and u do the work
Or we split the parts cost
There is always a way if ur good

It's all based on what you can do
This has become impossible as I have only met one person who could do anything

He wanted to charge me and alter the deal for as five speed transmission he wanted to changes out In a perfectly good car -- that's not my problem- that's his

About 40 have not gotten back to me
I guess everybody is rich but I really think lazy
And not creative

Fix a car get a car it Couldn't be more Simple
And we make a contract between us

This is why people hate cl
Nothing but trollers shoppers and lazy people
Who never show

This is a money making deal!!


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