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Monday, April 2, 2018


About 4 years ago I came through Greeneville South Carolina and this first one was a free style spotting!
Gores Corvette World, they were closed on Sunday, but you get the idea!

 He does like the Neo-Classics!

 Sunbeam Tiger over yonder!

Seemed like a decent bunch of cars!
This next place was on the radar, but some confusion when you are online because Classic Cars of South of Carolina is really not internet savvy, but another near by place is a little too internet savvy. You can read that statement as slimy! They are shown down after this coverage from Classic Cars of SC.
First thing I saw was a chassis with an early Hemi in it.

 New arrival, just a little rough

 Many Packard's were scattered up front in a "special area"
 USAF Packard ambulance
 Times Two

 Owners next favorite Jeepsters?

 When you go to a place like this figure everything is kind of a project car which is fine  
 I was looking a for Challenger or Cuda at the time and this caught my eye

 At first glance interesting, more later

 One front line area had what appeared to be some decent cars

 A friend of the owner spent many years building his own car and yes odd, but think of the passion that the man had for it. He passed away and now it sits for sale, can you give it a new home?

 From there it is was project/parts car city!
They don't sell parts.

 Some people like walking in the country seeing nature, CARHUNTER rather walk through fields of old cars! If you park them he will come!

 Such a variety of cars like this Studebaker Daytona


 Dodge Mirada wheels on a Jeepster

 Ford pickup wheels on a Gremlin

 I found two dozen projects I would like to start!

 Bradley GT kit car hiding
 Say it on my mark OLD IRON!
I forgot all about this hiding gem, sub-framed with power steering, power brakes and suicide doors- what a head start!

 A Caddy factory? built camper- seen another in Virginia


 There will be a test later how many early 40's Lincoln's did you spot? 

 MOPAR alley

 Will this chopped cab fit in the trunk of my car?

Is this thing filled to the top with water?

 Bet you young'uns don't know what an early Datsun is?
 Like I said Jeepsters galore!

 Another Datsun, I know what is a Datsun? Nissan for you younger dudes 
 School bus full of wheels!

 The engine room

 See that lift over yonder, stand by
 Look at the crazy shape of this Lincoln

 The Barracuda was given a road test by CARHUNTER and placed on the lift. The clutch was hurting, brakes grabbing - I pinstriped the road on my first brake application then found a replacement floor silicon glued over the rotted one- no kidding - run, do not walk to the nearest exit!  

Now we have the enterprising Dream Cars of the Carolinas which cross references the Classic cars of South Carolina. I originally thought it was the same place.
 They were closed, but part of the lot was open and just a unorganized scattering of cars in what looks like an old car dealership

Many mediocre cars priced as such for the most part, but some way too highly priced.
He has two cars I potentially had an interest in, a phone call was met with an attitude because he was annoyed I was asking questions about the cars, what nerve I have!
His answer to every question was repeated, the cars not perfect and it's price that way. Ok thanks pal I will mail you a check ASAP, go polish your salesman of the year award.
Beware of Dream Cars of the Carolinas, make sure you see the car in person.    

Ask yourself because I have been, was this guy serious with this kit car conversion for a Ford Crown Victoria?

Bob Lewman out of Kansas was the fuel behind this project
I am sorry to say this was not the only planned model, the question is were any more than a few prototypes built?

I hate to be so critical, no I don't what the hell was this guy thinking?
Even this is better, a Ferrari kit for a s*itbox
So ponder this, did the boulder actually crush this car or is this pre-staged?
Was it going so fast it got stuck under it? 
  "no scam checks or email. Cash only . keep your trades to yourself. If your more than 60 miles away...Stay there. Thanks. People!!! The PICTURE shows the car hit in the door. You can see the body is junk!!! Clearly listed no title in my ad. Not looking for dealers. I'm looking for the end user who wants it.
" Mic Drop " I'm out."
Some people are born salesman, quick buy his junk before he gets upset or else!!  
 I am not sure if this can actually be an official concept car or not?
 1953 Cadillac Elegante

 Why the questions? The car was handcrafted from aluminum on a 1953 Cadillac chassis in Italy by Carrozzeria Motto in Turin, Italy taking 30 months to complete!
It was not commissioned by Cadillac, but by Harry Birdsall, a commercial artist and Joe Mascari, a New York contractor. They banked on producing the vehicle and obviously that never occurred.
The grandsons of Harry Birdsall recently restored the car after keeping it with the family all these years!  

Built by Sonny Daout in the 50's for Jack Peed this 50 Chevy was quite famous on the East Coast

Jack Peed owner it until his death and the car was recently looking for a new home.
I had to add this photo of the famous Bill Hines, I bet some of you know never heard his name!
The master at work with no digital hi-tech assistance here, not even a store bought step ladder during this roof chopping!
He was still active along with that signature cigar he passed away just over 2 years ago
You have to be this tall to drive this ride!!
 He had that flare!
He did not stop because there are plenty of 80's and 90's Hines masterpieces out there!

CARHUNTER spoke about the battle that the AACA club has started with the AACA museum which has used that name now for 22 years. In essence the AACA club wanted to take full control of the AACA museum. I don't want to keep saying the club because it appears one person is launching an all out war against the museum which has proven it can stand on it's own 2 feet without any financial support from the club. The museum has assets of that exceed $18 million and annual revenue of $1.5 million. A meeting between the 2 organizations was reported to have assembled some framework to reach some solution. The club received a report that nothing was accomplished ignoring any positive progress and has launched, using the clubs assets a very aggressive and expensive law suit against the museum to remove the name placed on the museum 22 years ago so what will that accomplish? It will be a waste of club funds and force the museum to defend their name of an establish world known museum at great expense. CARHUNTER's own opinion is the AACA Club should have all members vote of this continued attack and I would predict a majority of members are not pleased with this "war".
Stand by this ain't over until it's over!


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  1. Jack Peeds 50 was done by Jack he bought the car at the insistence a friend's mother who had gotten killed during the Korean War his friend bought it new ,the top was chopped around 1957 with Sonny's help ,the car was sold in the sixties and found later in a field in Richmond and Dad (Jack)bought it back.the car was still all lead except some mud in the firewall .the black lacquer was always my favorite paint job looked like a factory car but people couldn't figure out what it was,i worked on the car 2 nights a week and on weekends stripping the paint priming the car and Blocking it got it ready for paint my brother Johnnie sprayed it at Dads shop the current burgundy color, I understand it had a lot of work done to when it was sold when he passed in 2013. note Alot of people didn't know Jack worked for George Barris in Hollywood back in the early 60s