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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Five star what and motor who?
Lost in the shuffle way behind the very well known General Motors Parade of Progress and GM Futurama exhibits
There was a similar effort from Chrysler  also growing out of the 1939 World's Fair
Quite an extravaganza as seen in this original World's Fair brochure

1939 Plymouth 3D glasses needed for?
A very innovative 3D film as you watch a 1940 Plymouth assemble itself lead by an inner tube!
Give yourself 9 minutes and watch this amazing film!
The film was a new technology for 1939!
 Long gone Chrysler building at the '39 Fair
A recent visit to the Queens Museum gave me a look at the model of the 1964 NY Worlds Fair and I noticed the lack of detail of the Chrysler exhibit again! 
 The 64 Fair did have a thrill show track!
Even though Chrysler had a large presence at the 1939-1940 Fair it looks like their marketing was poor?
A 1939 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton was built just for the 1939 World's Fair
 This car is alive and well in Texas and launched the 1940 Parade car and 3 1952 Parade cars
 Plastic was a new thing as seen by this roof on a 39 Plymouth

Chrysler supplied many courtesy cars at the fair
 Jimmy Lynch and his Death Dodgers performed death defying stunts!
Having owned a 51 and 39 Plymouth I can not even imagine getting them flying like this!
 Much like GM Chrysler wanted to keep that fair spirit in motion!
 There is not much information about the next phase of this fair, they hit the road as the Plymouth Motor Fair although it only traveled into 1941
A link to a color film, I really love the 41 Plymouth Convertible in the scheme matching the trucks!
Did you spot the kid leaving the tent with the Blue 39 Plymouth 3D glasses?
A Newspaper clipping;
1941 "A three-dimensional Polaroid motion picture will be the feature of the Plymouth Motor Fair at South High School. The fair, in two big carnival tents, is sponsored by three local Plymouth dealers."
Traveling with the exhibit was a scale model of a Plymouth assembly line that was 28 feet long and very detailed  
Yes that rig existed! 
 I always seem to get side tracked, but too good not to mention one of my favorite innovators, Glenn Curtiss because I believe the trailer is a Curtiss Aerocar
Although my blog on him is not ready yet for the New York born Glenn Curtiss inventor of  Land, Sea and Air I just wanted to point out that 5th wheel gooseneck trailers were not a new thing as they were in use as early as the 1920's!
You removed the deck lid and it was a gooseneck hitch

Wow the 1st 5th wheel!
Now I have to find an Aerocar for my 39 Plymouth!

Back to the model!

 I found an article that declared after the Plymouth Fair was pulled from the road the model was given to the Stanford Graduate School of Business on the left coast mounted to the wall outside of room 122 as seen below!
From the Stanford daily December 13 1943
Plymouth Gives Exact Scale Model of Plant to Stanford
An exact scale model of the 27 1/2 acre Plymouth automobile plant in Detroit has been mounted along one wall of Room 122 of the Stanford Graduate School of Business for the use of classes studying industrial management. The model, 28 feet long and 7 feet high, is a gift to the University from the Plymouth Division of the Chrysler Corporation. Arrangements for the gift were made through Herman L. Weckler, vice-president and general manager of the Chrysler company, and D. S. Eddins, president of the Plymouth Division. Constructed on a scale of one eighth of an inch to the foot (that would be 1/96 scale or I think maybe 1/87 scale to be exact known as HO scale so pre-existing trains could be used sounds better) , the model is completed down to small details of the factory which covers one and a quarter million square feet. There are about 4,000 parts to the model, including buildings, machinery, conveyors, cranes, automobiles in various stages of manufacture, freight cars, desks, time clocks, and even drinking fountains. The plant layout is as it was at the end of peacetime automobile production. The model is a duplicate of one in use at the main Plymouth factory and required six months to construct at an expense estimated at between $7,000 and $8,000. The model was cut into two 14 foot sections for shipment here, and a Plymouth engineer assisted Professor Paul R. Holden of the Graduate School of Business in supervising uncrating and assembling it.
So where is the model you may ask?
I took a shot and contacted the university and they were very helpful, they had thought this was it in the above photo? This one seems to be more of a chart than a scale model. There was a new building and 50+ years so although they made every effort to track the it down either it was entombed under a new wall or removed and disposed of!!  
Even CARHUNTER hits a wall sometimes although I did find some info, the whereabouts of the model are unknown and dead ended on anymore info about the Plymouth Motor Fair as well.
Was there a Dodge or Chrysler traveling carnival?
If you have any info to add please contact me by clicking the GSONE profile to the right or at the bottom of the blog!
A quick mention of Americas Car Museum in Tacoma Washington a future trip for the CARHUNTER
I found a partial video of a 1 hour show about unusual inheritances and it looks like a 1 hour is shown in  1 minute segments, why? The promo below is a good start.
I just wanted to share an amazing mans story so if you want the rest use this link and spend some time
I have a great respect for the man and the story that did not end with his passing so enjoy Mr. Lemay's legacy and gift to the car world!
This suddenly became a trend, why, nobody understands any rules of the road! The heavy line in the road is a STOP line for traffic awaiting the light to change and I have to add no one pays attention and usually stop with the front bumper in the crosswalk! So why is CARHUNTER bothered, you can legally park right up to the crosswalk line and this is a problem why you may ask? If you live in the any of the major cities you are well aware of how hard it is to find parking and we lost 2 parking spots now because of these mindless folks! I have lived here for 30+ years and this only started to happen about 3 months ago and it's monkey see monkey do now!! 

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