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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The Indoor Nationals sounds like a major event with thoughts of it being like the Oakland Roadster show, Detroit Autorama or the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals!
I saw this is the parking lot and thought hey could be a big show!
The show is held in the cow palace at the Maryland State Fairgrounds which is an agricultural building basically and it looks the part! At least it was nice and warm inside!
Lots of vendors selling a bunch of "stuff" we all don't really need like Indian jewelry.
I need to be honest in the blog and point out the bad as well and the good, it is not all sunshine and lollypops! I have been thinking of going for about 3 years and finally it jived with a  return trip from down south. The Beltway around Baltimore, even at night was an awful drive with bouts of stopped traffic as late at 8pm with some of the craziest drivers I have ever seen so I will not attend another show here again! There were some nice cars, but to call it a Nationals is wrong, maybe a great local last show of the season is more precise!  
Lighting was bad so some of the photos are a little fuzzy in certain parts of the building and the loudspeaker was screamingly loud when the announcer chose to yell into it constantly cutting off the music selection chosen! At 5 PM it was pretty empty as far as attendance- usually Saturday PM is when people come out for indoor shows! 

They like the street machines in this area for sure

Many predictable and standard fair Street Rods

Then I saw this creation with no signage 
I keep thinking bowling shoe, size 7!
The owner made eye contact with me at least 4 times while taking the photos and just stood right there talking to his friend about something so I never spoke to him to get some input or even let me get a clear shot!

I did catch a clear shot as I walked up the next aisle and he was gone so "it is some kind of car custom built by someone?" 

A Cheetah replica, maybe only 23 real ones were built

Small Block Ford in a Jeepsters!

Might as well save some time when pulled over

Although most displays were stark matching the buildings interior a few tried to class the place up a bit like this nice GMC Panel truck 

There were just too many stadium like overhead lamps which made some photos strangely blurry 

Anyone seen Roger Moore? As TV's Saint he drove a Volvo P1800 like this 

I have no idea what was going on here, but it was well displayed

Proving the show had some wide range was this SAAB Sonnet 
 The Embalmers Car club is a national group that sells club franchises! Are you kidding me?

I am not a big fan of using a car as a canvas!

A very different slant on a Corvair, a rear engine small block!!
Actually more a mid-engine

You don't see many Pontiacs for some reason made into street rods

Oddly enough this Plymouth was on display with an upholstery shop?
No interior?

Wow every nice Pontiac
I want one of these hub caps!
Could have lived without the mood lighting

Hey second Gran Sport replica in a week!

Perfect Rat Rod, the more you looked the more you found!

Looks safe?

I have never seen a restored USA spec stock Anglia! 

Always nice to see something different

 1953- NOT Vette

In the ultimate show of lack of imagination, a brand new Camaro with electric fans/lights blowing colored paper to simulate tikki torches- geez! 

 We will continue next week with the coverage of the "NATIONALS"
Which is big enough at least for 2 parts!

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