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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


A whirlwind CARHUNTER day for sure!
Macungie Pennsylvania Das Awkscht  
I covered it before and after attending many years it is clear the show is a little stale, many cars are very familiar! 
So with that said I am going to try and show just the vehicles of greater interest like this Chevelle? Nope Canadian Beaumont SD

Always a group of Crosleys 
Always of interest and then this showed up!
A V8 prototype Crosley!!!!
According to this 4 prototypes were built and ordered destroyed, this is the only one that was "stolen" by Crosley workers. The car was rolled as the story goes the other 3 also had mishaps during testing! So is the car original or re-bodied? Not finding much back up except the owners story? 

So Plymouth flatheads are of interest to CARHUNTER!

This was great, an announcement- "will the owner of the Rambler Station wagon please report to the registration desk, your car is on the show field and you have not registered!" Caught Red Handed!
Henry J
Henry J Kaiser to be exact

The sign really caught my attention, very high tech all be it informative!

Very interesting Dodge as the idea for the minivan was planted!

Hey Matt and his Desoto made the blog again, never actually found him!!!
If there was any other coupe I would put on my gotta have list it would be a Packard

Fluid Drive and a 3rd brake light!

Nice Jeepster Color Combo

Pretty rare with T-tops, he is always here every year!

Featured Car Oakland 
Oakland only around 1 year before Billy Durant brought them into GM, they were built only in Pontiac Michigan which is the Oakland County seat  
Is it a surprise Oakland was renamed Pontiac?

Holy turn of the century!
A few years back in another life CARHUNTER would have been loopy over the story of this 39 Plymouth with 76000 miles claims to have a been a state police car!
It was sold already, I already decided something was wrong, vinyl lettering was removed from the trunk? No vinyl lettering in 1939!

Rare, Mercury Capri was never a convertible so these were converted and it is also an ASC Mclaren 
These Hawks flew in!

Stock Willys Pick up
Could it be a 39 Plymouth Pickup?
There they are AGAIN!
OOH OOH another Packard Coupe

More Packard's 

Air Cooled no radiator!
A Cord 
Senior AACA Plymouth winner!

Getting here early gets some quick unobstructed photos, a chance to run through the swap meet while the rest of the cars roll in and by 10 AM appears all cars arrived and CARHUNTER departed!  
That's right no greasy cheeseburgers although it looks like a Pit in The Park BBQ cook off was firing up, get it straight this was no Big Apple Block Party BBQ competition! 
And the CARHUNTER is on the move!
Another event I semi- annually attend Carlisle All Truck Nationals
This event is all over the place, yes there are some vintage trucks and customs, but you had to hunt em out!


Keep in mind CARHUNTER needs a Dodge Cabover!

Remember Rod Hall? Dodge made replicas of the off road racers
When I got there I was laughing because I could not find the show field, where we usually see a swap meet are a sea of trucks, I soon figured out that was the spectator parking LOL! I guess when the hood was open it was in the show?
I was so confused by the endless rows finally in the show field of seemly new trucks with bolt on stuff I had to sit down and had a Nathans Dog just to clear my head!

Welcome to the future

Think he drove all the way to show like this?

A big thumbs up to the International Triple Diamond Club
This is a Travelette - A Travelall with an open bed

A Terra basically a Traveler with a half cab, both just long wheelbase Scouts 
A Scout Rallye, hey that color looks very familiar 
A Scout SSII
A Travelall based on the full size pickup series
A Scout with a half cab
A Nissan diesel Scout
A Scout Traveller- The International Truck Nationals is this weekend in Ohio, CARHUNTER won't make it, but this was a good preview I guess?  
He just got back from the how low can you go competition, really!
Don't ask

A Corvan, well Corvair based Greenbrier

Ok so CARHUNTER likes this one

A Tonka addition Ford
How much? Huh? 
The Syclone/Typhoon club was in attendance, I was invited to drive them back when released at a GMC event- damn fast little trucks! 


Small vintage fire truck display

So the truck is on railroad tracks?
Big Rigs invaded the event this year with a very Diesel Trucking Nationals feel!

Get your tickets for the S10 train on track 39
I have seen old school custom vans, but this display seemed to be very modern recent builds

Or maybe a Dodge 1 1/2 ton? 

That is a 12V71 Detroit Diesel, yes 2 6V71 superchargers = these are 2 cycle engines and the supercharges are just function, but found their way on many street cars! 12 cylinders of 71 Cubic Inches each  = 852 cubic inches kiddies!

No one listens - Dodge Cab Over Engine darn it! 
See what I mean?

Entire fleets showed up!

No I said Cabover!
Can you read the price? Better off you can not!

The All Truck Nationals definitely not a yearly stop for CARHUNTER, but was fun!
I skirted rain all day never seeing any heavy actual rain until the drive home although I saw many evidence puddles!

The AACA museum in Hershey is a stop I often make because of the rotating and different exhibits
Following the last event I bump into a classic truck in the parking lot! 

The AACA museum never disappoints as there is always something new like a Dupont 
A very unusual 1935 White later known for big rigs  

Early Off Roaders, the latest exhibit 

I was disappointed not to see early Blazers and Ramchargers 
No Jeep Cherokees

A Lamborghini exotic 4x4?

Early off roader?

Real nice MB Unimog, but early off roader?
A VW Thing early off roader? 
If you did not know these were offshoots of WWII German Army vehicles
Early off roader?

If I recall correctly this custom Kaiser Pickup was part of the custom display a year or so ago, it was donated to the AACA museum
Very nice
Always nice to see the buses in the basement! 

A real Herbie!
I have passed this guys yard for years, never anyone around and can't figure it all out?

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  1. A friend had a deposit on a Rod Hall Ram circa 1990. It was on the floor at Remsen Dodge in Hazlet NJ. IIRC it had a different paint scheme. They claimed it would be the only one in the northeast.