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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We were in Detroit area for the Woodward dream cruise and I just went bananas looking for any car shows, cruises and museums.
I find an AMC only meet in Livonia so bring on the AMC Fishtanks, oops Pacers! 
Improve on perfection? Pacer wagon! 
Yes a real ad, a classy dame like this could not resist a Pacer, I think we should just move on now, LOL!



AMC Rebel Machine muscle!

And the rest here on Gilligan's Isle!

First AMX were 2 seaters

Not many AMC Matador Machines made= 401 power!

Early Rebel's at first glance look like Roadrunners!
They evolved into Matadors!
Remember this ad campaign for this horror show car?
 Yeah the Three Stooges were already asking years before 
 A Matador flew in the James Bond flick Live an Let Die
 Hey that looks like cardboard not a Matador!

Hey that ain't an AMC!

I guess AMC trucks were not welcomed?

Like I mentioned last week very disappointed this one off concept did not show up for closer inspection since it was nearby the day before!
Neat little show diversion on a jam packed week long hunt!

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