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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


As most of feel we can not even understand why the tragedy in France could actually happen we mourn with you, this was the NYC vigil.
CARHUNTER will never get political within the blog, but through the love of cars which is a great diplomatic tool I wanted to present a tribute to France!
Alain A. Cerf born in France brought the Polypack company to Pinellas Park Florida in the 1950's
Original factory in France

 Shrink wrap packaging innovations
His love of cars led to a collection of cars of his youth and homeland
Tampa Bay Auto Museum in Pinellas Park Florida
 Although a large portion of the collection are French built cars there are many unique cars 

 Rolling art!

 Wildest paint ever and yes it was originally painted like this!

 Allard cars packed American V8 power like this Flathead Ford

 Rare, possibly unknown! Mustang Euro Four Wheel Drive prototype

 Europe suffered from high fuel costs more than the USA did and during wartime fuel rationing it was not uncommon to see a car converted to coal power!! 

 Yes it is a Mercedes!

 Oh my favorite Czechoslovakian car (only?)  

 Rear Engine
 Look like a VW to me?

A very unique collection and we thank Missure Cerf for sharing. Very unique and well presented museum.
CARHUNTER recently found a rather familiar French built classic roaming the streets!

The people of France remain in our prayers!

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