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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


In the years I have attended the Elegance at Hershey there has never been a shortage of rare, unusual and worthy cars at this invitation only gathering!

A Ferrari and it is NOT red!

Packard was the featured marque and they were hand chosen to represent the custom bodied builds

A little boattail 

There is a trunk again, get it the trunk?

'37 Studebaker is from the Canton Ohio auto museum and  bullet proof 

I was looking for the Rat Pack, Dual Ghia's were very popular with those guys
Italian body-Chrysler HEMI

A friend guessed this is a Pontiac concept car, NOPE!
It was built on a Pontiac chassis from 1969
Firestone LXX wheel/tire combo used on many retro Stutz cars
Sold as an assembled unit
Crazy enough one of these is currently on ebay!

Actually called a CF428, Farago ran Dual of Dual Ghia fame as seen in this blog at one time 
Paul Farago was a Chrysler designer who was involved in the Chrysler Ghia cars project which included the Crown limos, he was also a friend of the Forward looking Virgil Exner!
The car was built to showcase Carrozzeria Coggiola = CF - 428 is engine size

Back seat driver in the tiller steered Detroit Electric

I thought this was a Mercedes from my first view, notice the european design and look 
Graber body design 1935  Packard built for the Geneva auto show that year. 
This Cabriolet from a distance looks like a Mercedes, the chrome accents and european style wheels make this a very unique Packard owned by Ralph Marano of NJ who owns a very impressive Packard collection, about 33 of them!

Do you see a BUICK now?

This Daimler won the best in show for 2015 and deserved it!

Mini bars at both rear seating assignments

THis is the actual #2 car from Goldfinger and Pussy Galore struck a pose for the CARHUNTER!
1964 Aston Martin DB5 was also in Thunderbolt 
The real deal!!

Chrysler's Chrysler was built for Walter P. Chrysler's wife Della , saved and restored by howard Kroplick form Vanderbilt Cup Races website
It stayed dormant at the Vanderbilt museum in Long Island for years and was getting worse every year. I was actually near the car a few years back and had no idea it was hiding there! 

Green soft leather set off the body color perfectly 

The very deserving poster car for the 2015 Elegance

A Packard Panther counting down the last breath of Packard under Studebakers near sighted eyes!
A total of 4 show cars were built and also known as a Daytona

Got me to thinking about the other 3?

This puzzle may be for another blog, subtle differences exist

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