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Saturday, December 20, 2014


A clearing, a GTO and some panel deliveries!
 A mirage? 
 A vintage NASCAR, nah a 4 door with it's roof cut off and some fencing poles!

 Looks like a used car lot in a ghost town!
 A Satellite Sebring Plus
 Wild interiors with buckets,console and rally instrument cluster, only available in Roadrunners normally.
Needs air right front tire! On second thought there is plenty of air in there!

SS 396

 In the middle of it all the original office and shop? In the woods!
 The parts department?

 More garages?
 No not lifts, but perches! 
 All of sudden a complete drivable(?) car with plates on it!
OOH OOH a Packard - pronounced pa card
 Cragar Mach 8's and American Vectors

 Tough for a Mopar guy not to cry! 1970 Valiant Duster 340
 Mach I
 71 Roadrunner

 Come on NO more Challengers! PLEASE!

 B5 Blue Demon, me wanty!

 Keep a stiff upper lip or grille!
 A 1968 Super Bee

 High end D100 with buckets and console with simulated vinyl top

A Gremlin perched on a Hornet, National Geographics Special?  

 A "Petty" Blue Roadrunner

 The colors man! This is where I was starting to loose it!
At about this point I started to loose all direction and realized this just keeps going, I had an appointment 2 1/2 hours away in Tennessee and running out of time! 
Look close this old Ford was covered with old dealer name tags

Very cool old Ford public works stepside

 Would have looked good in my 67 D100 Dodge stepside,but no usable parts will ever depart the forest here at Old Car City!
 Buick Special
1968 Plymouth GTX

The pains are coming back!
 Snub Nose Hauler

 At this point I realize most normal people gave up and headed back, but not CARHUNTER!
 AMX Javelin
We call em C bodies

 OOH OOH a Packard! AGAIN
 So who sits here?
 A crazy cache of tri-Chevy's 55-57
 Forget Horsepower- Tree Power BABY!
 Hey my feet! Loosing it over here! It was clear when I looked at the photos that night I was getting bad now,but I kept going?

Tripping baby, literally tripping over tall brush at this point in no mans land!
More Challengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am now walking in above the knee foliage! Charger?
 NO more Challengers, please!
It hurts!
 Hey mine is not an A/C car!
Lucky the dented fender was there so the tree had more room to grow!

 Tony? 1968 Satellite
 Mid 70's Charger SE - how did this get in here? 

 What the HE double tooth picks? Fort Courage, The Hekawi Indians?
I am now totally lost and decided I need to get out, I have people in Tennessee waiting!
OK make a left at the big rock that looks like a bear and a right at the big bear that looks like a rock!
If you never saw F Troop on TV you did not get that,sorry! 
 Rare sedan delivery
 Challenger, I think? Come on already!
 Another structure and old Ambulance

So I calculated my position, directly under the sun NOW! So West is this way and there are 4 quarters in a gallon so I am good, keep stumbling in this direction right? Who said that, huh? Oh no,  more cars over there, but I never saw them before, Keep moving ignore them, go go, which way? Wait I did see that truck a few hours ago and all of sudden I am at the front I MADE IT OUT!

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