Sunday, May 31, 2020


The world has changed, I hope my followers are doing well, this world wide pandemic has certainly altered my thoughts and passion for certain things.
We are all in this together, keep in touch and support each other? Apparently NOT! I was checking on friends, especially older people I know also hoping to find some comfort in just staying in touch during a 2 month isolation.
To my surprise my concern was met with odd resistance and I will say very little support, instead of compassion. Most people I regularly have contact with pulled away so I am coming out of this with quite an enlightening!

We are slowly getting out for some local outdoors cruise in's.
Since there really has not been one major show with June rolling in I decided to just post a bunch of photos from the 2017 NSRA Street Rod Nationals East from York Pennsylvania.

  Enjoy some cars, well a lot of cars!
Pennsylvania is a hot bed for Street Rods so I will leave it to you to scan through Part 1 with few comments from me.
Stay Safe!

I have to grab this guy one day, I guess he could not choose wheels so you get a different view depending on which side you see!

This was one of the well done Packards, see if you can spot the odd ones in this and next month's blog?

Figure it out yet?

BOSS 429

A Gentleman Jim package

I was nervous it was going to slip into that drain!

No small block Chevy here!

The other Willy's 

OK you found THE PACKARD! 
You may be sorry you did! 

What could you possibly say about this?
Or this, you should see the extension cord!

Look for Part 2 next month!



  1. Wow! What a collection, particularly humored by the green Rambler with matching lawn chairs! Loved the presentation of so many well done cars. I can appreciate them all, though my favorites are restored originals...