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Sunday, April 2, 2017


The Foothills Cruise In Maryville Tennessee usually runs from April to October. We decided to have the season opener just a tad early on March 31st because Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster agreed to join us! Enjoy a truly special day with photos and videos!

If you don't remember the show you were probably sleeping in Grandpas Coffin!
Big Bill got a chance to preview the new banner!
Coker, not Croker!
Someone got a ride in the Munster's Coach!


Watching Butch for hours and after talking to him it is very clear he really enjoys meeting fans and the smiles on every ones faces was priceless!
Butch summed it up when he discussed what a special time this was for all of us and the fond innocent memories that means so much!
Todd from Checkered Flag BAR-B-QUE provided huge Smoked Turkey legs and BBQ
We spent some time with Butch and his lovely wife Leila and had a chance to escort them to the cruise in with rodding style!

 An amazing turnout was impressive!

French engineering at it's best see how the car adjusts itself and even self centering steering!

I think farm truck started a trend!


A Willy's
And another very cool Willy's

Also want to thank Gary and his crew from the Twisted Pistons car club for the helping hands! It does take 12 guys to put a banner up!!!
Gary's cool ride!


Did I mention variety?

Hey slow down!

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I warned you sometimes I was going to complain!
This statement means the vehicle sells for the price you bid correct?
Recently I spoke to a guy on ebay with a no reserve auction on a car, starting bid was $3500.
I think that means the reserve is actually $3500?
You bid that amount and no one else bids that would mean
The guy tells me he is pretty firm at $4000
I explain if one bid comes in you sold it for $3500, I was going to offer $2500 before we spoke.
What happened next?
You guessed it he took the car off ebay!
My favorite is the Reserve Auction and of course the reserve price is a secret, but the bidding starts at $1, but the seller wants $25,000!
if you are not going to take a penny less than $25,000 then start the bidding at $25,000 and don't waste peoples time!
I was told people want to think they are getting a bargain, HUH?
 Craigslist which is like entering a parallel universe!
If you put a car on craigslist without a phone number then you need to monitor emails that may go into your spam file if you don't add craigslist to your address book!
If you do put a phone number be prepared for the messages texted to you like "I want to buy your "ITEM" so list me your best prise" so I usually add about $1500 to price and then they say "ok tell me where to send the cheque"! "We need you to email this address" NOT! Look for mis-spells and strangely worded responses! 
Never take extra money in payment as a payment for THEIR shipper- scam!
I will not get into the crazies I have encountered who told me I was a scammer because I told them I can pay in full and if they have room hold the car until they are sure payment cleared then I will pick it up- I was accused of being a scammer because I said that??
Yes that happened also!
A guy lists a car on Craigslist for $8000 so as usual like most people I am thinking maybe $7000 wanted for it and it was a fair price.
This old dude tells me he will take $10,000?
So after I explain you are asking $8000, he says don't even bother coming if you ain't paying $8000!!
YES I can spell it wrong for the application too!
Tractor Deluxe!
Get it? A Green Bay Packard!


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  1. Butch Patrick. Awesome. Love the cars coming out of the trailer. Brought back alot of fond memories of the Munsters.